Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednespiration: Unique OC

A couple of weekends ago, my friend and I went to Unique OC. It's the first time they had this event in Orange County. It's usually held twice a year in LA. Unique LA is a design show where attendees get to shop from local designers and artists directly. For their spring and winter shows, they have over 300 different vendors. Unique OC had about 60-70 vendors. It was held at The LAB in Costa Mesa.

They had free drinks and KROQ bands that played.
The various vendors/designers.
Free Photobooth!
beautiful jewelry

great prices for pieces...

Cute bathing suits... (kinda regretted not getting one)

My friend got a really cute skirt from them.
Free Honest Tea & Izzy drinks
Our haul from Jennifer Shon Jewelry.

Hubby originally saw these at Renegade Craft Fair and thought it was hilarious. He regretted not getting it then. I was elated to see them at Unique OC.
cute bags from mymishion.
my tanktop and button from The Steppie.

It's amazing to me that people are so creative and can make or design these things. I dabble in jewelry making with wire and beads. It takes a lot of time so I can appreciate the hard work these various designers put into their product. Going to Unique OC inspired me to try to get back into my jewelry making/being creative. Sometimes it takes too much time and I get a little lazy. But there's something deeply satisfying about creating something....

Have you ever been to Unique LA? I am so excited for it after attending Unique OC.

Did any of these vendors inspire you?

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