Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Monday: Green Tea Mochi Cake

since being on vacation from work, i've had more time and energy to try out recipes and cook. one of my favorite blogs for great and user-friendly recipes is Week of Menus. the author is refreshing and all the recipes i've tried are very easy to make and delicious! she has pictures of each step to show you what your dish should look like. she even has a printable recipe so you can print it out and use it in the kitchen instead of using your computer. i love all of her desserts and my hubby is excited when i try new things.
i tried making the green tea mochi cake and was pleased with the results. you first mix all the dry ingredients together

then mix the wet ingredients...
then put the two together...put it in a greased pan... then bake for 90 minutes...
take it out and cool it...
then cut into small squares... it's best to share them because eating all of them will cause your pants to not fit... ::wink::

have you checked out Week of Menus? If you have not, i HIGHLY recommend it. what are some of your favorite recipes?

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