Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Red Lips

I am always in search of the perfect red lipstick. There's something about the boldness of a red lip that screams sexy. Many women are afraid to put this color on because it is so bright. I used to be frightened of it myself until one day I saw swatches of it and decided to try it. Here are some swatches of some of my favorites. As you can see, I tend to like blue-based reds due to the fact that this makes my teeth look whiter than the orange reds.

Please don't mind the messy application. When applying red lipstick, lipliner helps to give a cleaner line around the mouth. I didn't use lipliner with any of these lipsticks except for Ruby Woo. All photos were taken in natural light.

Clinque's Red-y to Wear ($14 + tax)

MAC New York Apple ($14 + tax)

MAC Dubonnet ($14 + tax)

MAC Red ($14 + tax)

Ruby Woo is extremely drying since it is a matte formula. You need to make sure your lips are moisturized before putting on this beautiful color. Personally, this one is my favorite out of the bunch. Despite how drying this can be, the color is fabulous.
MAC Ruby Woo ($14 + tax) with Beet Lipliner ($13 + tax)

MAC Ruby Woo with Wet N Wild Lipliner #717 Berry Red ($1 + tax)

MAC Beet lipliner and Wet N Wild Berry Red #717 lipliner

Me wearing MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Beet lipliner and making an extremely silly face. Walking around the mall all day with this color on my face made me feel empowered for some reason.
As you can see, neutral eyes and cheeks look best with such a bold lip color. With makeup, you can do just about anything. However, too much color on your face can just be that-- too much.

Would you rock a red lip? What are your favorites?

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