Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Skin Care Review

i've been very blessed with good genes which helps me to not look like a woman in her mid 30's. (yes! i admit it, i'm almost middle age!) anyway, in addition to good genes, you must take care of your skin. That means exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, and wear sunscreen. I've been wearing sunscreen since my teens and really started getting more into skin care in my 20's. when i look at my friends or peers who are the same age as me or near my age, i still look much younger than them and i attribute a lot of it to my skin care routine. i've used all kinds of skin care products-- la mer, shu uemura, clinique, etc... some may call me a beauty junkie and i don't take offense to it because i don't want to look OLD.

often times people say that you get what you pay for. i agree with that to a certain degree but i also think there are GEMS that are half the price of the high end brands which work more effectively than that $200 cream. let me introduce you to the GEM that i found which has really smoothed out my fine forehead wrinkles. you may be surprised because it doesn't sound very glamourous... it's from Avon. yes, you heard me right, AVON.

it's from their Anew Clinical line-- the Advanced Wrinkle Corrector. from their website, here are their claims:
  • The at-home answer to wrinkle-filling injections†. Start rebuilding collagen in just 48 hours°.
  • Skin's 4 structural components weaken and decrease, causing new lines to form and wrinkles to deepen.
  • is designed to help reduce the length, depth and number of visible wrinkles.
  • Rebuilds collagen to help plump out lines and wrinkles.
  • Stimulates elastin for improved elasticity and resilience.
  • Regenerates hydroproteins to minimize creasing.
  • Now...formulated to boost shock-absorbing proteins to help strengthen skin's support layers.
  • Improve fine & deep wrinkles up to 50%*. Immediately plumps out wrinkles and fine lines.** Within 48 hours begins boosting collagen production.*** 1.7 fl. oz. As seen on TV.
after using this for about a year, i have seen a drastic reduction in fine lines on my forehead. i found that it really did plump out lines and wrinkles. my skin feels more hydrated, soft, smooth, and even. the best thing about this is the price. a jar of this product is $32 but sometimes avon has a deal where you can get two for $37 or other wonderful deals. i usually stock up whenever they do this. i love this product! i have a fabulous Avon rep if you need a referral.

have you ever tried anything from avon? what is your holy-grail skin care product or are you still searching?

ps: i purchased the item on my own. i was not paid to do this review. this is my honest opinion on how the product worked for me.


  1. Cool blog Sally! :) Keep up the great tips!

  2. Sally...I enjoyed your post! I really need to try this product!! It's nice to get the inside scoop/great tips about things from back home. Hope you're doing well. Have a lovely day! Miss you...

  3. aww nice blog! i always forget you guys have blogs (hence the lack of comments from this end) :x i finally bought some sunscreen after not wearing any for 29 years! heh. my face is fine line city. ah well. let's hang out sooon!



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