Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tasty Thursday: Chinatown Summer Nights

This past Saturday evening, a few of us headed over to Chinatown Summer Nights in Los Angeles. For those of you who have never heard of Chinatown Summer Nights, it is a weekly event in the month of August with musicians, KCRW DJ's, restaurants, food trucks, a craft marketplace, shopping, street performers/dancers, martial arts demos, dancing, cooking demos, crafts for kids, local bars, and much more.

It was a lovely evening. We valet parked on Hill and began our adventure.
We watched a cooking demo and ate some free samples.
We walked by the craft table (I think it was only for Aug. 14).
We soaked in the beauty and culture of Chinatown. There was much to look at but our main goal was to EAT!
Food Truck Alley... also known as Food Truck Heaven-- where we had to decide which one we would eat at. (Such a difficult decision!)
The Greasy Wiener Food Truck- we didn't get to try this although we really wanted to. We were too full!
Nom Nom Truck - Vietnamese Cuisine- specializing in Banh Mi (Sandwiches). They were pretty tasty!
Fry Smith Truck- fries that eat as a meal-- they throw stuff up on top of fries. I think this was the favorite of the night for our group. More on that later.
Don Chow Tacos Truck- Chinese Mexican Fusion Cuisine

the seating area
the food (l-r) Fry Smith, Nom Nom, Papas Tapas
Fry Smith's dish was a hit with all of us. We especially loved the sausage gravy, egg and cheese special on the left. The one next to it was sweet potato fries with chicken.
Nom Nom's Vietnamese tacos & sandwiches (not pictured). It was very fresh and tasty as well.
Don Chow Tacos Truck's 3 taco special for $5.
My favorite taco from this truck was the shrimp taco.
Hubby and friend devouring the food.
It's a good idea to go with some friends so you can share and try as many of the food trucks as possible.
plenty of seating...
We walked around Chinatown and saw the craft vendor selling their wares.

We watched some musicians playing their instruments.
We finished the night off with some ice cream from Lake Street Creamery.
We were able to order 4 different flavors and share.

My favorite food truck of the evening! Who doesn't love ice cream?
Gina's Cherrybombastic ice cream
Poy's Breakfast Pancake ice cream with coffee grounds and real bits of bacon

My donut flavored ice cream. It tasted like REAL donuts.
Hubby's bananrella ice cream with banana flavored ice cream and chunks of chocolate
I ADORED their waffle cone bowls. They were the perfect bowl shape. They serve the ice cream in these bowls to be more "green."
Definitely a great Saturday evening!
Goodbye Chinatown! til next time....

Saturdays in August 5pm- midnight
Free Admission
(only 2 Saturday nights left!!)
Bring cash for some of the vendors.. most of the food trucks take credit cards.

Central & West Plazas
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Check it out before it's over!

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