Friday, August 20, 2010

Fab Finds Friday: Accessories

Bright lights, heart pounding music, hustle and bustle of people running around-- no I'm not at a night club. I've made my way back again to Forever21. This time I went to their accessories "room" to look at their rings and found these lovely pieces. I tried to look on the website for them but was unable to find them so it looks like you need to go into the store.
I love taking pictures so this ring was definitely calling my name. I also love the muted gold color and the vintage vibe it gives off. This ring is not adjustable. It was priced at only $3.80 (+tax).
I love how feminine this ring is. It would look lovely with a pair of jeans and cute top or a fab dress. This ring is adjustable so you can wear it on any finger. It is priced at only $4.80 (+tax).

What a bargain! Forever21 has tons of accessories at great prices. The only con is having to look through everything (especially when looking for rings-- all those bowls and ring boxes filled with tons of rings.) Which one is your favorite?

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