Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tasty Thursday: The Crosby

My hubby and I love to eat. He is adventurous and loves to try new things while I tend to stick to favorite restaurants or favorite types of food. (One of the reasons for this is the fact that my stomach can be sensitive at times so I have to be careful of what I eat... ) He is always finding great places for us to try!

Last fall, he found this really great restaurant in OC that we've never been to. They had great food! It's called The Crosby. It was kind of hard to find. It's on the main street but there is no visible sign that says its name. It is next to a starbucks on the corner.

Hubby and I eventually found the restaurant after realizing that there is no sign and we had to find the number of the building.

This is the entrance--- where it says 400.

Once we entered, it was a really eclectic place... cozy... we decided to sit in the corner.

Here's our view from the corner-- to the bar and the dj. Apparently, after dinner-- this place is a fun place to hang out, drink, have appetizers, and listen to music.

The decor was interesting--- they had random books in these cabinets...

They have different specials for each month. So we decided to have an appetizer, a dish off their special monthly menu, and one dish off their regular menu...

Hubs said that the symbol to my right is the symbol they use at this establishment as their "symbol". It looks like a deer with antlers/hands...

They also have a happy hour from 5-8 Mon- Fri..(I went back a few weeks later with some of my girl friends for this-- and it did not disappoint!

a rasberry beer and a stella... guess who got what...

a picture of the bar...

the wall paper is pretty interesting--- what kind of design do you see?

the appetizer--- crinkle cut sweet potatoe fries, with cheese and chili-- this place is vegan friendly so the stuff on top is relatively healthy.

it was so yummy...


We went in October and one of the special dishes for that month was a yakisoba with veggies, tofu.. the top part of the yakisoba is cooked and it's in a crunchy noodle "bowl"


They are supposed to be known for their pizzas. This was a bbq chicken pizza. It was so good. Their chicken was tender and juicy. The sauce was sweet and tangy and they also had bits of apple on top.

All gone! (Do you think we enjoyed the pizza?!?)

Bye bye 400 northbroadwayyyyyy... we will be back again one day...

The Crosby
Open Mon- Sat 5pm-2am
Closed on Sundays
400 North Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 543-3543

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