Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exciting News!

Hello Everyone! I don't know if you knew but I have a slight obsession with weddings. Even after getting married, I would still look at wedding blogs and didn't get rid of those links from my Google reader. Some of my favorite ones are events of love & splendor and mybridestory. I would follow them and read about all the beautiful events they planned, designed and coordinated. It would be a DREAM to be able to do the same thing but I had reservations-- only because it's so risky. I've helped many people at my church with wedding planning and have been asked to coordinate their weddings-- which I gladly did but where do you draw the line-- it takes a great amount of energy and time to do this. This was always my dilema.

Imagine my surprise when one day I emailed Esther at MyBrideStory to apply and after a meeting over coffee, she decided to bring me under her wing! I am so honored and thrilled to be a part of her team! Those two event planning companies I linked above are two that I respect the most because when you read about their work, you get a feel that they really care about their clients and love what they do. That is my desire as a coordinator-- each wedding is unique to the client and special to them. Even if you've been to a thousand weddings-- it is still so very special to those two that are getting married.

This weekend kicked off the wedding season for MBS-- we had two weddings which I was able to assist with. The one on Saturday, I assisted Christine who was the head coordinator. It was at the beautiful Taglyan Complex in Hollywood for Lisa+Andy!

Sunday's wedding was at the historic Ebell Theater. Their staff was AMAZING! Jeehee + Yuval's Interfaith wedding was so touching and fabulous. The couple were so very happy it made me tear up. Christine was my assistant and I could not have done it without her help.

I am so excited for this coming year and all the new opportunities and experiences that are ahead. Please also visit me at my bride story where I will be a guest blogger. You can read my first post about my dear friends Minhee + Truman's 2006 wedding.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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